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Demand CS

For superior perimeter protection of general and nuisance pests including mosquitoes, ants, flying insects and spiders, harness the power of iCAP™ Technology with Demand® CS. With an unique capsule suspension of the active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin. Demand achieves knockdown of most pests within 15 minutes, and delivers unsurpassed residual that lasts several months, even at extremely low use rates.

Product Highlights

iCAP technology is applied to surfaces at a rate of 10,000 encapsulated microcaps per square inch. Microcaps maintain their shape longer, ensuring that the powerful formula stays on the surfaces where it’s needed, even with exposure to outdoor conditions. Extremely low use rate of lamda-cyhalothrin, minimizing the amount of active ingredient introduced into the environment. Can be applied directly to foliage of plants, trees, shrubs, turf and other landing or harbor areas without damaging them. Controls over 20 pest species, including seasonal nuisance pests.

Demand® CS can be used for general pest control outdoors for perimeter applications and barrier treatments, as well as applications to lawns, turfgrass and ornamentals. Indoors, Demand CS can be used for both clean-out and maintenance. In addition, it is labeled for use in food handling establishments and within food serving areas. Demand CS can also be used outdoors as a barrier application to resting areas for adult mosquito control.

To mix Demand CS, refer to the label to determine the appropriate concentration. Application volumes are also included to ensure desired product performance. Demand CS can be tank mixed with other currently registered pesticides unless expressly prohibited by the product label. Always conduct a small mixing test to ensure compatibility.

Demand CS should not be applied through any irrigation system or aerial applications and should not be applied to edible crops. It should never be applied directly to water, areas where surface water is present or intertidal areas below the mean high-water mark.

Humans and pets should be kept away from treated areas until the spray has completely dried following the application.

Always read and follow label directions carefully.